The latest “Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2016” included street food for the first time in its recommendations. “Mammy Pancake”, a shop which opened its doors just half a year ago, was included in the Michelin’s must-try list, in recognition of its high standards.  Let's find out more from Founder of Mammy Pancake, Irene Wong and Co-owners of Mammy Pancake Tsim Sha franchise, Noelle Chan and Carla Chan.

1. Why/How did you embark on this street food journey? And why specifically egg waffles as a choice food item?

The egg waffle has been our favourite snack since childhood. It has become a part of Hong Konger’s collective memory. As seeing Hong Kong as the heaven of food, we really dream of owning our shop to produce the yummy food that can cheer and impress all locals and tourists. We choose egg waffles because it is the snack that we all love to eat since childhood, it is an unique food that can only be found in Hong Kong, a memory that belongs to the locals.

 2. What’s the inspiration behind the name ‘Mammy Pancake’?

Irene: I was originally working in banking, and I decided to DIY the egg waffles for my son one day, as no shop in Hong Kong offered egg waffles that were delicious with no additives in the market. I made repeated attempts with carefully selected ingredients and eventually succeeded.

 3. How does Mammy Pancake’s egg waffles differ from other brands?

The success of “Mammy Pancake” is largely related to our secret recipes and sourcing of fresh ingredients. We don’t use food colorings or flavoring essences. For our chocolate egg waffles, we use chunks of real chocolate. The variety of flavors has also attracted many customers as the ingredients are constantly enhanced. The formula that we use at “Mammy Pancake” produces egg waffles that are crispy outside and soft inside, which differentiates us from the others.

We insist to freshly make the waffles once order and not ready-made so the customer can taste the freshness of our waffle.

 4. How do you think up and create new flavors?

We usually use seasonal ingredients to create new flavors, such as fruits during summer, chestnuts and sweet potatoes during winter. We get the inspiration of creating new flavor in cake making process and try to be open-minded to all creative possibilities.

5. Any memorable moments (good/bad/funny) when creating a new specific flavor over the years?

Noelle & Carla: I remembered once my shop almost close, a tourist from England came late and we deliberately start again our oven to bake a green tea chocolate waffle for her, and she felt very touching and enjoyed the waffle very much and said to me: your waffle make my day ends perfectly! This is the satisfaction and magic that a tasty food can cheer one's heart! This makes me impressive and insists to make freshly baked tasty waffle and wish to cheer every customer who come for us.

 6. Can you name some signature or popular flavors of your regulars? Why?

We would recommend the original and chocolate chip fillings flavors. The original flavor was something that I had since childhood, and the taste must be familiar to every Hong Konger. “Mammy Pancake” is the pioneer of the chocolate chip filling flavor, it feels like having a chocolate fondant inside the egg waffle in every bite.

7. Which is a must try for tourists who have never tried an egg waffle before? What should they expect in a quality and excellent egg waffle?

Chocolate favor is a must try, you will able to taste the crispy outer layer of our waffle, while the half spongy waffle inside and with the rich semi-melting chocolate inside.

8. Anything new/interesting in the pipeline for Mammy Pancake this year?

Irene: We wish to expand our business into the mainland and are currently preparing for that. For Hong Kong, the number of shops will remain at 6 as I am responsible for preparing the ingredients according our secret formula. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of the egg waffles.

9. How do you think being named as part of the Michelin recommended street food has changed the perception on Hong Kong street food or your business?

Noelle & Carla: It is an amazing grace as being recommended street food from Michelin, and I am so glad that customers like our product. But I think the greatest challenge we are facing is how to maintain the superior quality of our waffle so that make every comer not disappointed about our food is my ultimate challenge of the business. So with consolidating the good quality of waffle, then we can create more new favor so as to give more choices of favor to our customers.

10. Where would you recommend Filipinos to visit when in Hong Kong – examples of your favorite hang outs (shopping/dining)?

Irene: I would recommend Filipinos to visit the Kowloon City district. In Kowloon City, there are many restaurants to choose from, and there are also many dessert shops which I like to visit often. Kowloon City is the place to be for dining.

Noelle & Carla: I will recommend Filipinos to visit the TST harbour of Hong Kong, the night scene of Hong Kong harbour view is always charming that may not be found in other country. And yet, surely, to visit our TST Michelin Shop after enjoying the nice scenic walk in harbour.

Mammy Pancake traveled out of Hong Kong for the first time and provided live making and tasting of the famous Hong Kong style egg waffles at the recently concluded Travel Madness Expo.  Missed the chance?  Not to worry, Hong Kong Tourism Board will be lining up attractive offers with major airlines in August for you to grab a chance to go to Hong Kong; enjoy Mammy Pancakes and many more.


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