Hong Kong is the perfect destination to begin your Asian adventure.  These vacation packages let you pair another Asian destination, like Singapore & Bali, Bangkok, Japan, or Vietnam, with Hong Kong. Particularly wonderful for the traveler who enjoys coming back to Hong Kong and seeing more destinations in Asia on the same trip. There are so many exciting combinations you'll want to come back again and again.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok & Bali Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok & Bali Enjoy the best of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok & Bali with visits to temples, historical sites, cultural experiences, and beaches. Orient Adventure Orient Adventure Hong Kong, Tokyo & Singapore. Discover the history, art, religion and cuisine of three Asian cities on your own with flights, hotel & city tours included. Hong Kong, Japan & Macao Hong Kong, Japan & Macao Visit these three destinations in a one-stop vacation. Don’t just visit for the traditional culture, technical innovations or the fabulous food, but also visit for the spectacular sightseeing, for the friendly locals and for the wacky things you’ll probably never see elsewhere. Enjoy a Hong Kong, Japan & Macau Tour today! Hong Kong to Bali Escape Hong Kong to Bali Escape Combine one of Asia’s busiest, most exciting cities with one of its most relaxing islands on this unique Asia vacation. Explore the key sights in some of the harder to reach corners of Hong Kong, then explore for a day at leisure before flying on to Bali, for a relaxing few days on Indonesia’s most unique island. Hong Kong & Best of Vietnam - 11 Days Hong Kong & Best of Vietnam - 11 Days Spend 4 days 3 nights in Hong Kong, then head to Vietnam. This tour package is one of the best combinations for your Asia Vacations. Best of Hong Kong and Vietnam Best of Hong Kong and Vietnam Discover the highlights of Hong Kong and the beautiful scenery and colonial splendor of Vietnam on this 12-day journey to the best of Asia. Hong Kong, Singapore & Bali Adventure Hong Kong, Singapore & Bali Adventure Ancient temples & modern skylines, world-class cuisine & eclectic cultures; explore independently with flights, hotels & city tours included. Hong Kong & Singapore Adventure Hong Kong & Singapore Adventure Be dazzled by a symphony of culture, cuisine & cosmopolitan adventures in two of Asia’s most electric & eclectic cities: Hong Kong & Singapore. Spectacular Far East Spectacular Far East Awe-inspiring 16 day private tour of Southeast Asia featuring Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand specially designed for the discerning traveler. Taste of Hong Kong & Tokyo – A Culinary Tour Taste of Hong Kong & Tokyo – A Culinary Tour Hong Kong and Tokyo boast some of the most unique and savouring dining experiences the world over. Explorient proudly presents this unforgettable epicurean adventure to Asia's Flagship cities. Hong Kong & Thailand Cosmopolitan Hong Kong & Thailand Cosmopolitan Get an insider’s access to Southeast Asia’s exotic cities. Start in Hong Kong, discover its markets, haute couture and local cuisine. Continue to Bangkok and savor Thailand’s rich culture and traditions before ending your journey to a relaxing island getaway in Phuket. Hong Kong & Vietnam Highlands Hong Kong & Vietnam Highlands Witness the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese city life surrounded by old time village life. Tour iconic cities and ancient sites on this adventure through the Vietnam Highlands. Orient Extravagance (Program B) Orient Extravagance (Program B) Awe-inspiring 17-night private luxury tour of Asia featuring Hong Kong, China, Cambodia and Thailand specially designed for the discerning traveler. Asian Capitals Asian Capitals Visit the major cities and capitals of Asia. Start in Tokyo, then off to Beijing, Bangkok and Singapore. End your adventure in Hong Kong. Wonders of the Orient Wonders of the Orient Take an 8-night trip and visit the major cities of the Orient, starting with Singapore, where you visit the botanical garden and the diverse streets of this cosmopolitan city. Then fly to Bangkok, where you can see the Temple of the Golden Buddha and the Temple of Dawn. Afterward, fly to Hong Kong and visit Victoria Peak and Aberdeen’s floating community. Family Tour of Southeast Asia Family Tour of Southeast Asia This 13-day private family tour features the absolute best of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Hong Kong. Japan & China Explorient Japan & China Explorient Fantastic 16-Day Journey of Japan, China and Hong Kong at an amazingly affordable price. Tour includes roundtrip air from U.S., choice of superior and deluxe hotel accommodations, unparalleled service, fantastic sights and much, much more! Highlights of Asia Highlights of Asia This tour of Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong will put you right in the mix of modern Asian culture. Orient Extravagance Orient Extravagance This inspiring Orient Journey boasts 20 unforgettable days of pure indulgence to the Pacific Rim's hottest destinations -- Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore, all in the luxury comfort of Asia's top accommodations. Luxurious Far East Luxurious Far East Get ready to indulge yourself in the ultimate in luxury travel on this inspiring private journey of the Far East, with absolutely the finest touches the Orient has to offer.

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