Hong Kong Summer Fun

Summer is for play and what better place to play on a hot summer day than the local waterfronts and beaches! There are plenty of promenades to not only enjoy the view, but also feel those sea breezes. Central Harbourfront is probably the most well-known waterfront in Hong Kong, but on Hong Kong Island you also have a chance to take a sunset stroll along the Kennedy Town waterfront and enjoy a breezy amble on the waterfront promenade of the Quarry Bay Park. From the Kowloon waterfront, you can view the famous Hong Kong skyline while checking out the Avenue of Stars. Taking selfies with statues of famous Hong Kong celebrities while taking in the famous skyline – what’s not to like? To get the full effect, ride the Star Ferry and see the entire harbour!

Water sports are a popular way to cool off in this warm, sub-tropical climate with summer days spent kayaking, sail boating, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding or just splashing around in the water! Hong Kong consists of several islands and each one is unique. Travelling around the islands offers a different perspective of the busy, bustling city. See for yourself what is out there, take a look at the various beachy cultures that abound.


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