Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival is the unique Fire Dragon Dance — a spectacular ritual that promises to be one of the most extraordinary spectacles you will ever encounter. The 67-metre-long dragon is studded with thousands of burning joss sticks that, at night, produce an incredible sea of fire, smoke and dynamic fury as the dragon wends its way through the backstreets of Tai Hang in Causeway Bay.

The event commemorates a series of mishaps that befell Tai Hang in 1880, culminating in a plague breaking out in the village. Appearing in the dream of a village elder, the gods instructed the villagers to light firecrackers and perform a fire dragon dance for three days and nights during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Sulphur from the firecrackers dispelled the plague and the ritual has been repeated annually ever since. In 2011, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance was added to China's third national intangible cultural heritage list.

Event Details

23-25 September 2018 (Tai Hang);
24 September 2018 (Victoria Park)
Around 8:15–10:30pm, 23–24 September
Around 8:15–10pm, 25 September

*On 24 September, the performance will also be held at Victoria Park at around 10:45–11:30pm.
Tai Hang, Causeway Bay (Best Vantage Point: Wun Sha Street);
Soccer Pitch, Victoria Park
Free Viewing
+852 2577 2649
Tai Hang Residents' Welfare Association

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